Plengkung/G-land ( surfing spot )

Plengkung beach or better known as the G-Land whose name has become the calculations of world travelers, especially for those who have a hobby of surfing. This beach is touted as one of the best surfing destinations in the world.

Plengkung beach nicknamed "The Giant Waves Seven Wonder" by foreign surfers because the waves have 7 to 6 meters in height.

G-Land into a dream world of international surfing and has the second best waves in the world after Hawaii

This beach is located in the National Park Alas Purwo, in District Tegaldlimo.

A stretch of white sandy beach in the region covered area of ​​unspoiled forest and away from the noise of urban bustle, making it an ideal area for those who want to surf and really get away for a moment from the civilization of the city.