-kawah ijen homestay banyuwangi located near to kawah ijen crater make it easy to go there-  

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Kawah Ijen homestay Banyuwangi  is a community development program
 in this area to help local people that the majority of his work as a miner in Mount Ijen and as farmers in the fields, because they have limited education they are only able to work as a miner in the mountains of his many long years,
Then at some point there is a sometourist came we deliberately keep its name due to privacy concerns, certainly he is very kind, give something so precious to the miners about a pair of shoes for mine, There is also a tourist who gave them money out of compassion with their work , follows them there until coming to the house of the miners only to see their daily lives, many who care about their lives but very little real action to help
I was confused at the beginning of how to alter or to help the hard life they lead during this time, to give them money or buy them shoes is something that is very imposible for me because I was still poor and need help to (joke), then I started thinking what if I help by being a link between miners and traveler, anyone who had a room we rent his rooms for the traveler, anyone got bike we rental his bike to bring the traveler into the crater of Ijen, who can speaking English we pay him for accompany the traveler climb and show the direction and safe road , all we did is for the miners and local residents trying to make their lives a little bit better than yesterday
This is just way how we could do to help them,
"give them a job that's better than giving them money "
  • if you stay here means you help the man who had this home,
  •  If you rent they bike mean you are helping them to
  • If you join the tour it means more people you�ve help
 My English was bad iknow that, if I had wrong word please let me know,
send me feed back please
thank you